West Cumbria Mines Research Group
preserving heritage for future generations

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W. C. M. R. G. - West Cumbria Mines Research Group

A focus for people with a common interest in Mining.

The group is the organization responsible for the creation and running of what was the Florence Mine Heritage Centre, primarily to preserve some of the mining heritage of the area for both West Cumbrians and visitors. Having Started to increase our local history information, we would now like to become “Egremont’s” Heritage Centre. This display is intended to give a flavour of our activities.

Our main activities are:
- Exploration.

The exploration and preservation of Mines and Mining sites in Cumbria.

Most of our exploration of mines is carried out in accessible, but abandoned mines, although on occasion, and with the landowner's permission drift mines have been dug into. Once dug into and explored these mines are either secured or re-sealed.

During exploration, care is taken to record what is found by both photograph and by drawing sketch plans of the workings based on contemporary mine plans where available. These modified plans, and a written report of our exploration, are recorded in our journals. Any artefacts removed are subsequently placed on show in our museum.


The acquisition and preservation of mining artefacts for public display and research.

The heritage activities include-
1) Lectures to local clubs and societies. (see outreach page)
2) Monitoring of disused mining sites (to help preserve from development, or recording prior to development).
3) Helping researchers, developers, and potential mining concerns, by providing information on past mining and related activities.


The research and recording of all aspects of mines and mining communities in Cumbria.
The research activities are undertaken by a small number of members, who use archive, library and other sources to gather information for papers that they are researching, which are also subsequently housed in the Centre. These papers, if short, are printed in the Group journals or if longer, are printed as books in their own right.

examples of wcmrg journals

The images above are examples of some of our Journals.

If you are interested in joining in these activities, please download the form below so that you can Print and fill out with your details and return with a Cheque or Postal order for £10.00 for 12 Months membership of the West Cumbria Mines Research Group.

Our application form is available in Adobe Acrobat format. Please make sure you have this installed on your computer. To download the form click here.

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If you do not have the use of a Printer please contact us and we will post you a form for you to fill in and return to us.

Please make cheques payable to; West Cumbria Mines Research Group

All monies received by the Group, through membership are used towards the preservation of artefacts and the continuation of the centre.

Gift Aid

If you would like to 'Gift Aid' your membership fee, please return the form with your membership application.

Thank you.

Download our gift aid form for donations ... Please Click Here, all donations appreciated.

Preserving our Mining Heritage for Future Generations.