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Florence Mine - A Placements View

I first came to Florence Mine in January 2003, as a New Deal Placement. To me this was just another government programme for me to do for 13 weeks, a chance to gain work experience. My main area of work was Information Technology; I was using my skills to do a varied selection of office work which included the dreaded "Transcripts." This involves transcribing mining stories from clippings of old newspapers.

To me it became a place of interest and not just a place of work. I wandered around the Centre reading the displays and gaining knowledge of mining and minerals. I started to show visitors around the Centre answering any questions they asked. I finished my 13 week placement in April of 2003, but I kept returning for the odd day or two until January 2005, I started a second 13 week spell as a New Deal Placement.

This time I was involved in developing an education pack for schools, and also showing the schools around the Centre. This time round there were a few more jobs, not just office work, but also retail work.

Both times on placement gave me the opportunity to gain work experience, and help me develop my interest in mining heritage and local history. My most memorable experience was meeting the late Fred Dibnah M.B.E.

By Stephen Houseman WCMRG Trainee

new deal - placement

How We Helped In The Community.

We also worked alongside unemployed people who are on the government's New Deal Scheme and young people who are just starting out in life and who need to put the skills they have in to practice. We offered training sessions on computers and became a “learn direct” centre.