West Cumbria Mines Research Group
preserving heritage for future generations

charity number: 1118458


WCMRG milestones

Local Community

Formed in 1984 from Thornhill Youth Club, which added mine exploration to its fell-walking activity.

In February 1988, became involved at Florence Mine, Egremont, in a tourism venture partnership between Egremont Mining Co. and Copeland Borough Council, officially opening the Heritage Centre in 1994.

Created the Miners Memorial (half Sheave-wheel) at Wyndham School, Egremont.

As part of the Egremont Heritage Committee, went on to later create two other mining memorials ("Haemetite Worker" and "When I was a Lad") each side of the Wyndham entrance.

Commissioned a Conrad Atkinson steel sculpture to mining, currently sited it at Florence Mine.

Active in retaining Haig Colliery, restoring Carrs Level original entrance, and recording Wyndham Pit, William No.2, and Eskett No.9 prior to their demolition/development.

Developed a mining and family history resource from our researches, to aid consultants, local authorities and the public.

Our staff promoted Broadband provision for Egremont, and achieved necessary take-up for its introduction in 2004.

We are proud of our association with the late Fred Dibnah, in his making of documentaries featuring local industry.

We record our various activities in an annual journal available to members.

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